Student Testimonials


Manuel Ruiz - Class of 2017

"I completed the Industrial Systems certificate course in December 2017. Four months later I was hired by B. Braun Medical, Inc, as a maintenance mechanic. The pay is great, the benefits are astounding, and the job security is unrivaled. B. Braun Medical is a medical manufacturing company, privately owned, with facilities across the globe. But like all companies these days, we face a labor shortage. Most positions are 12 hour shifts, and you have to pass knowledge and skills tests to get hired, but at least for me it has been well worth it. I have my career set, I will retire from B. Braun happy as a clam. So if anyone else is interested in a good paying job, with benefits and security they should look into B. Braun.  Lastly, I had work experience in the field (industrial electrician) and some education before I got this job. But I felt that having a specific cert or degree would give me better opportunities and pay. Thanks to Mt. SAC and the Electronics Programs professors and staff, that certificate I got, Electronics: Industrial Systems, paid off,  earns me more than 80k a year! I would not be where I am at in life without Mt. SAC. Thank you."