Electronics & Computer Technology

Interview Preparation

In preparing for an interview as and Electronics Technician, you may be asked some technical questions, beyond the typical behavioral questions such as, "Name me a time when you worked in a group setting..." Many employers these days, especially the larger ones, give technical tests before an in person interview is even given in order to weed out those who know/don't know their material. Below are some technical questions you may encounter, but is in no way a completely exhaustive list of questions.


Draw a high pass filter

Draw a low pass filter with a gain of 100

Edison page C:\Users\jdenny1\Dropbox\mt sac\ELEC 12\Edison Sample Tests

See metros questions

Briefly explain to me what you learned in each semester in college

Where do you see yourself in 5 years. (This questions aims at seeing how self-motivated of a person you are.)

Ken / computer questions

Behavioral questions link maybe put here?

What do you think our company would end up relying on you for?

If you have encountered technical interview questions beyond these, please feel free to contact in order to include them here in hopes to help our interviewees.