Electronics & Computer Technology



Every year students from the Electronics and Computer Networking Technology department compete in an event called Skills USA. (  This organization holds competitions in many areas ranging from Nail Care, to Plumbing, to Computer Repair and Electronics Technology. A list of the events can be found here. A couple of detailed examples that some of the students in our department have competed in the past are:

Electronics Technology 
The contest is divided into five sections: customer service exam, written exam, soldering, bread boarding and troubleshooting. Contestants' will demonstrate their knowledge of analog and digital circuitry; ability to troubleshoot electronic circuits; ability to construct and test experimental circuits; and, ability to design and select circuit components. All aspects of the competition test contestants' abilities to use and calibrate electronic equipment, record and organize data, and demonstrate proper safety practices.

Computer Maintenance Technology 
The CMT contest requires contestants to identify and repair computer hardware malfunctions, solve configuration problems, and install common components. In addition, the contestants take the A+ Certification exam. Their score on this exam is used as the basis for the written portion of the contest, and contestants who pass the exam receive their A+ Certification

Anyone can register including high school students up through working professionals. All events focus on trade skills one might acquire through vocational programs such as ours.  Being a Mt. SAC student, your registration fees and travel expenses, including stay, will be covered.

There are 3 levels of competition. They include the regional, statewide, and national levels. A competitor will be qualified for the statewide competition if he/she places well enough in the regional event. Similarly to compete in the national event, a competitor needs to place well enough in the statewide event. Traditionally the regional event is held at Mt. SAC or another local institution in February of each year. The statewide event is typically held in San Diego in April, and the national event is held in Kansas City, MO in June a week or so after the spring semester is over.

Participating and placing in the Skills USA competition is a great resume builder, as well as GREAT experience towards your vocation. It will open doors for you. In addition, competitors who do well enough at the national event may earn official certificates in the field they are competing in such as the A+ certificate named above, or the Customer Service certificate.

If you are interested, please contact your instructor for more information.


The Electronics and Computer Networking Technology department is highly interested in keeping up with the changes in industry, both for educational/academic purposes, as well as achieving relevant vocational skills for our students. One of the ways we stay current in this endeavor is to have industry professionals give us feedback on our program as well as what current qualities and skills they have a need for. The trends they see from industry help us revise our curriculum to allow the student achieve maximum academic skills and proficiencies.

We hold a yearly Advisory Meeting typically in the earlier part of Spring which allows the faculty in our department and the industry professionals to meet and discuss these thoughts. The meeting usually lasts 2-3 hours and is on a Friday morning or early afternoon. Lunch is provided.

This year's advisory meeting is scheduled to be in March.

If you, or anyone you know is interested in becoming an industry advisor, this would be greatly beneficial for both our department and the company you work for as it allows for professional networking and better interview candidates. Please contact one of our faculty if interested.