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ENGL 1A vs ENGL 1A + 80

The chart below is designed to help you understand the major differences between English 1A and English 1A + 80 and make a decision about which course is right for you. If you still have questions about which course to take after viewing this information, you should contact a counselor to seek additional advice.  

Requirements for Both Courses
Both options have identical requirements and expectations. Both 1A classes are transferable to UC/CSU.
Reading Requirements

One or more full-length books (fiction or non-fiction). Academic reading with in- depth analysis and complex concepts.

Writing Requirements

5-7 essays of 3-5 pages based on analysis of assigned texts and response to ideas in the texts, plus at least one research paper of 7-10 pages.
Essays have complex thesis, advanced organizational techniques, and use quotation and documentation.

Student Performance Expectations

The rigor, difficulty, and performance expectations are identical to Freshman Composition courses taught at private colleges or state universities.
Both courses will require at least 10 hours of course work per week outside of class.

The major difference between the options is that the corequisite course (English 80) meets for one additional hour, once a week. This extra hour of coursework is a support course designed to help students be successful in the English 1A.
During the English 80 hour, students are provided:

  • More classroom time with instructors
  • Smaller class size and more individual attention
  • More in-class help with reading and writing
  • More peer interaction
  • More revision strategies
  • More college-success strategies
ENGL 1A: Example Assignments ENGL 80: Example Assignments

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