Writing Teachers Write

The Mt. SAC English Department not only teaches thousands of students each semester, but many of the faculty publish work often. From poetry to flash fiction to critical essays, the English Department is home to some of Southern California's best writers. Please, take a look at some of the wonderful work being done by our faculty!

    • Lloyd Aquino
      Madeline After the Fall 
      This small collection of fourteen poems explores the process of dealing with depression, anxiety, and grief in the wake of painful loss.
    • John Brantingham

      Dual Impressions: Poetic Conversations About Art is a discussion between John Brantingham and Jeffrey Graessley about art and life in poetic form. The collection covers themes such as war, poverty, and social justice.

      "The California Water Wars, " is a short story that was published in the anthology The Best Small Fictions 2016, which is an award for flash fiction.

      Other works by John Brantingham

      Short Stories
      • “Ferdinand, Lincoln, McKinley.” Muse. Spring 2016.
      • “1850.” Manifest West. Summer 2016.
      • “All of Those Boys Are Dead Now.” Broad River Review. Spring 2016.
      • “Art in the West.” Linden Avenue Review. Spring 2016.
      • “Jack Daniel.” The Blotter Magazine. Spring 2016.
      • “The View from the Monkey Bars.” In Parenthesis. Fall 2015.
      • “The Ocean Will Eat Us All.” Litro Magazine, NY. Fall 2016.
      • "In the Land of Drought.” Eleventh Transmission. Winter 2016.
      • “The Water Hunter.” Verdad. Winter 2016
      • "When Rachel Sleeps.” Winamop. October 2015
      • “In the Tule Fog.” The Nashwaak Review. Summer 2015.
      • "The Savior.” The MacGuffin. Spring/Summer 2015.
      • “The Sorrowful Music of Cows.” Shadowgraph Online Quarterly. 2015.
      • “The Sweetness of Milk.” Southern California Review. 2015
      • “Instructions for Swimming before the Rain” and "Koi Pond, Norton Simon Museum of Art." Synesthesia. Spring 2016.
      • “Jobim’s Sacred Wave” and “Agenda.” Askew. Winter 2016.
      •  “A Memory of Smoke.” The Redneck Review. Winter 2016.
      • “Silence.” Town Creek Poetry. December 2015.
      • Houses Near the Gravel Pit, 1913, Paul Klee.” Colorado Boulevard. Fall 2015.
      • “Dizzy on Moro Rock,” “A Memory of Smoke,” and “The End of Glaciers.” Verse-Virtual. November 2015.
      • “Your Story of Water.” Verse-Virtual. October 2015.
      • “Yellow Mountain,” “Outside the Nanjing Massacre Memorial,” and “A Culture of Kites.” Your One Phone Call. January 2016.
      • “Guttersoul,” “Slip Out Before Anyone Knows,” and “Holy Water, 1987.” The Lost Coast Review. January 2016.
      • “And Then There Was Death.” Sacred Cow Magazine. January 2016. 
      • “The Dream of Water.” Tears in the Fence. Winter 2015.
      • Women Ironing, Edgar Degas,” “The Synesthesia of Egrets,” and “Without Even a Glance Backward.” Cadence Collective, Year Two Anthology. Fall 2015
      • “Flying across the International Dateline,” “Crossing into China with John Coltrane,” and “John Coltrane Taxi-Rides with Me through Shanghai.” Drunk in a Midnight Choir. June 2015.
      Public Appearances, Criticism, and Conference Presentations 
      • Los Angeles Review of Books Radio Hour. Interview about my new anthology on KPFK 90.7 March 30 at 8pm.
      • “An Interview with Marsha de la O.” Tears in the Fence. Spring 2016.
      • “An Interview with Lori Howe.” Alebrijes. Spring 2016
      • “The Toddler.” Rind Literary Magazine. Spring 2015.
      • Review of Grant Hier’s Untended Garden. East Jasmine Review, August 2015.
    • Bill Cushing
      • "Cusquenos." Metaphor. 2015
      • "Music Isn't about Standing Still and Being Safe." Stories of Music. 2015
    • Kathy Hall
      • "Party Etiquette Tips for Urban Public School Teachers." McSweeneys. Spring 2016.