Debate Events

(For the Feisty and Logical in Each of Us)

There are two types of debate in which Mt SAC specializes.

What is NFA L/D?

NFA Lincoln-Douglas Debate is a one-person, persuasive, policy debate on traditional stock issues. It is a communication event, by which we mean the philosophy of the activity is consistent with that which governs other individual events. Competitors in NFA Lincoln-Douglas will be evaluated on their analysis, use of evidence, and ability to effectively and persuasively organize, deliver, and refute arguments. Rapid-fire delivery, commonly called "spread delivery," is considered antithetical to the purpose and intent of this event.

What is Parliamentary Debate?

Parliamentary Debate: While relatively new as a form of debate in the forensics world, Parli, as it is known, is steeped in tradition. It is a team activity, pitting two teams of two individuals each against one another. Its form follows the British House of Parliament, and audience participation is encouraged during the course of the debate. Unlike both of the other forms of academic debate, Parli debaters have a different topic every round. They do not know what the topic will be until 15 minutes before the debate begins. Additionally, while debaters must be well read, no evidence is used in the debate.