Student Testimonials

See what students have to say about the BAS Program at Mt. SAC!

"There was such a huge demand in this job field, so much so that I was hired with no education in this trade and very minimal field experience. They were actually willing to hire and train me in the workplace. I had worked briefly for IAS before and they were willing to hire me back after this program ends. This program works so well for me because I am actually secured a job and higher pay because of my certification. All the Lab classes are great because everything that we learned is applicable, and that makes an impact in the learning. Also working in a cohort with the same people prepares us to have good group working skills and cooperation with other people with different backgrounds that we may clash with outside of the class. It also keeps it interesting because everyday you are doing something different and keeps all of our attention."
Taylor Soares

"I was given the opportunity to work in an internship in the Mt. SAC Central Plant through the program and it’s cool because it’s highlighting a lot of the things that we are learning in the mechanical and electrical classes. I can really apply what I learn into the job that I do. If you are interested in a trade that makes money, and want to work with mechanics and computers, this program will work for you just like me. Even the instructors and staff teach well and have a great attitude. They are there for us and really want to help us do well. Even though I had taken some of the classes already, it was easy for me to transition into the program so I didn’t have to retake any classes and the Advisor and the Coordinator made sure of that."
Kyle Woore

"I have achieved my HVAC / EPA Certified Technician Credentials along with my L.A Welders Certification. During the time I was working on my certificates, I was very interested in the Building Automation program. After all the hard work from Professor Lanny Richardson and Darrow Soares, this program is finally here. This program is awesome. The training is intensive, powerful, educational, but most important, it is in energy management. Doing everything to help mother earth to me is very important.

This program will teach me how to be more energy efficient and smarter in how I do things when programming HVAC equipment. Now that I have been accepted into this program, I will do everything to absorb and learn everything in Building Automation to achieve the best solution to help our earth recover and to make this living environment more efficient and safe for humans to live responsibly in this new energy management era."

Louis Avila

"I think this program is a great experience for me especially right out of high school. I wasn’t really sure where I was going to go until I heard of this program. The classes are very interesting and I want to know more. All the teachers are knowledgeable and really try to get you to understand the material. The classes are amazing to be in because you get hands on learning as well as a technical side which I like. The counselors as well are really willing to help you with any problems you have and are extremely good at their job. I really feel that this field will help me get to where I want to be for a career."
Arielle Barnes

"I am a student at Mt Sac taking the BAS (Building Automation System) course certificate. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in this line of work. The teachers are very intelligent with years of experience in both teaching and field experience. They truly desire to see everyone succeed. The way they teach is very unique to me as they teach primarily on a learn by example method where you as the student get to see, feel and actually work with what your learning instead of just reading from a book. As for the classes with more books, the teachers do what they can to help you relate with it so you better understand the material. Even though they are very strict they are genuinely the friendliest teachers I’ve ever met."
Shawn Goddard