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Accreditation Evidence 2013 Self-Study

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ACCJC - Twelve Common Questions and Answers About Accreditation
Adjunct Faculty Request for Payment

Administrative Policies
Administrator Evaluation Form (see Human Resources Forms)
Agreement—Mt. San Antonio College District and CSEA 262

Agreement—Mt. San Antonio College District and CSEA 651
Agreement--Mt. San Antonio College District and Faculty Association
Assessment Guide
Assessment Pulse 
Article 21 (Standard III)
Audit Reports

b TOP Board Policies
By Laws 
(standard III) c TOP

Classified Communication Reflection Summit (Standard IV) 
Classified Communication Reflection Summit - Action Meeting and President's Cabinet Notes (Feb 6, 2012, #6) (Standard IV)
College Catalog
College Committees' website 
College Schedule of Classes
Curriculum and Instruction Council

d TOP Department Chair Resources for Outcomes Assessment 
Distance Learning e TOP Educational Design Committee
Ellucian Banner ODS FAQ


Faculty Contract
Flex Day (August 2012) (President's Message included Awards for outcomes work)
Flex Day (August 2012) (Outcomes Coordinator Update & Awards)

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     Request to fill (1) Tech, (2) Senior Tech
     Extended Hours 
How to write an SLO i TOP j TOP k TOP l TOP m TOP Managers' Strategies to Improve Dialogue with Classified (Standard IV)
Mission, Vision, and Core Values
mountie APP
Mt. SAC Status Report on Student Learning Outcomes Implementation
Mt. SAC Student Success Plan n TOP o TOP

Online Learning Support Center (OLSC)
 - Cross Walking Capstone Course Outcomes to Program Outcomes
Outcomes ACCJC SLO Proficiency Report October 2012 
Outcomes Assessment Transparency - Adult Basic Education,
Outcomes Awards 
Outcomes Awareness (Library Newsletter)
Outcomes Committee
Outcomes Discussion (Older Adult) (Tech & Health) (Kinesiology) (Library Advisory C) (Library & LR Division Retreat)
Outcomes Plan 2012-2020
Outcomes Quality Review (May 15 OC mtg) (April 17, 2012) (SLO Checklist)
Outcome Report Updates (campus wide)
Outcome Report Update (Technology and Health)
Outcomes - Resources (Theatre and Library example discussion)
Outcomes Roundtable (spring 2012)
Outcomes - Student Services examples
Outcomes Timeline (Tech & Health) (Outcomes Committee)
Outcomes Use of Results (Library Division, Dept) (Student Services
Outcomes Workshop (fall 2011) Agenda and Evaluation 
Outcomes Web Page (for professional growth)
Outcomes Web Page by Course and Program-level Outcomes (Under Development)


PIE (for numerous years)
Planning, Integrated 
(expanded PAC meeting June 6, 2011)
Planning for Institutional Effectiveness (PIE - Program Review)
     Vice President of Administrative Services PIE Summary 2011-12
     Vice President of Human Resources PIE Summary 2011-12
     Vice President of Instruction PIE Summary & Resource Requested 2011-12
     Vice President of Student Services PIE Summary 2011-12
Post-Accreditation Feedback (Standard IV)
President's Board Reports
President's Cabinet Action Notes

President's Perspective
Professional Development - Faculty Survey
Program Review - see Planning for Institutional Effectiveness (PIE)

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Syllabi, Anatomy and Physiology (AGHE 86)
Syllabi, Business Student Learning Outcomes

Syllabi, Business Principles of Macroeconomics (BUSC 1A)
Syllabi, Business Microsoft Access (CISD 11)
Syllabi, English as a Second Language (Level 5)
Syllabi, English as a Second Language (Level 4)
Syllabi, Kinesiology (KINA 8A)
Syllabi, Kinesiology (KIN 34)
Syllabi, Kinesiology (KINI 25)
Syllabi, Kinesiology (KINF 19)
Syllabi, Kinesiology (KINS 10)
Syllabi, Kinesiology (KINX 99)
Syllabi, Mathematics (MATH 50)
Syllabi, Mental Health (MENT 56L)
Syllabi, Medical Terminology (MEDI 90)
Syllabi, Psychology (Psyc 1A)
Syllabi, Psychology (Psyc 3) (link to web page)
Syllabi, Psychology (Psyc 15)
Syllabi, Respiratory (RESD 52)
Syllabi, Student Learning Outcomes Update Dec 6, 2011
Syllabi, Tech & Health Checklist
Syllabi, World History (BSHS WHS)

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TractDat Reports
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