Continuing Education Accreditation

2012 WASC ACS Self-Study

Continuing Education began a formal review process in spring 2010 to evaluate itself based on criteria established by the WASC Accrediting Commission for Schools (ACS). Committees used the WASC ACS standards to conduct a rigorous self-study focused on analysis of student outcomes. The teams provided a first draft of their progress in summer 2011.  Further drafts were prepared and the division community had a chance to review and provide input. 

In Spring 2012, Continuing Education underwent a comprehensive review from WASC ACS. The purpose of the visit was to provide an outside perspective from educators familiar with the criteria used by the Division to reflect on the effectiveness of programs for students. The review was based upon the Continuing Education 2012 Self-Study Report, dialogue with Continuing Education WASC ACS committees, and evaluation of self-study evidence. At the end of the self-study visit, Continuing Education received a public report of the team's findings. In June 2012 the WASC ASC Accrediting Commission conferred a six-year term of accreditation.  Continuing Education is proud to release its final Self-Study, WASC Visitng Team Report, and WASC ACS Accrediting Commission letter.


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