2010 Self Study

During October 25 to 28, 2010, the college underwent a comprehensive review from Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior College ( ACCJC). The review lasted for four days and was based on the college's self-study, numerous team interviews, and evaluation of evidence. By the end of the review time period, the college received a verbal, public report of the team's immediate findings. The final evaluation of the college, including the ACCJC recommendations for accreditation, was received in a formal written document in February, 2011. The letter and Evaluation Report are below.

In order to evaluate itself against the standards from ACCJC, the college began a formal review process in September 2008. Committees were formed and consist of all groups — faculty, classified, confidential, managers and students. Each team began their work in September 2008. They reviewed the ACCJC standards and began collecting evidence through interviews and document review to support the college's achievements. The teams provided a first draft of their progress early in 2009. Further drafts were prepared and the campus community had a chance to review a draft and provide input early fall 2009 (newsletter).

In March 2010, the Board of Trustees reviewed the self-study and certified it. 

The college is proud to release its FINAL Self-Study along with ACCJC's Letter and Evaluation Report.

If you have questions, please contact Barbara McNeice-Stallard, Director of Research and Institutional Effectiveness at