Mt. SAC Organizational Chart

  • Dr. William Scroggins
  • Michael Gregoryk
    Vice President, Administrative Services
    • Kerry Martinez
      Executive Assistant to the Vice President
    • Rosa Royce
      Associate Vice President, Administrative Services
    • Victor Belinski
      Chief Technology Officer
      Information Technology
    • David Wilson
      Chief of Police
      Public Safety
    • Gary Nellesen
      Director, Facilities and Planning
    • Karen Saldaña
      Director, Risk Management
    • William Eastham
      Director, Technical Services
    • Sheree Culross
      Director, Bursar's Office
    • Suzanne Leutjen
      Director, SacBookRac Bookstore
  • Dr. Irene Malmgren
    Vice President, Instruction
    • Laura Martinez
      Executive Assistant to the
      Vice President
    • Joumana McGowen
      Executive Dean,
      Instructional Services
    • Donald Sciore
      Associate Dean,
      Instructional Services
    • Sue Long
      Dean, Arts
    • Jennifer Galbraith
      Dean, Business
    • Madelyn Arballo
      Dean, Continuing Education
    • James Jenkins
      Dean, Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Joseph Jennum
      Dean, Kinesiology, Athletics and Dance
    • Meghan Chen
      Dean, Library and Learning Resources
    • Matthew Judd
      Dean, Natural Sciences
    • Jemma Judd
      Dean, Technology and Health Sciences
    • Barbara McNeice–Stallard
      Director, Research
    • Adrienne Price
      Director, Grants
    • Stacey Guttierez
      Manager, Professional Development
  • Audrey Yamagata-Noji
    Vice President, Student Services
    • Susan Andrade
      Executive Assistant to the Vice President
    • Carolyn Keyes
      Dean, Student Services
    • James Ocampo
      Director, Assessment and Matriculation
    • George Bradshaw
      Dean, Enrollment Management
    • Thomas Mauch
      Dean , Counseling
    • Grace Hanson
      Dean, Disabled Students Programs and Services
    • Chao Dau
      Director, Financial Aid
  • James Czaja
    Vice President, Human Resources
    • Suzi Hayward
      Executive Assistant to the Vice President
    • Cynthia Hoover
      Director, HR Operations and Employee Services
    • Lorraine Jones
      Director, Equal Employment Opportunity Program
  • Office of the President
    • Denise Lindholm
      Executive Assistant to the
      President/CEO and Trustees
    • William Lambert
      Executive Director, Foundation
    • Uyen Mai
      Director, Marketing and Communications
    • Jill Dolan
      Director, Media and Public Affairs