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Information for Faculty and Staff

Per the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), faculty members are the most consistent points of contact for student Veterans and are in the best position to notice if a Veteran is facing challenges. Faculty members can help student Veterans in many ways.

Veterans bring many strengths to campus. Some of those are:
  • Work ethic
  • Organization
  • Leadership
  • Discipline
  • Follow through
  • Teamwork
  • Sense of duty
  • Problem solving
  • Resiliency
The VA recommends the following tips for showing support:
  • Recognize that a Veteran may be a nontraditional student with multiple roles, such as parent, spouse, employee, or Reservist/Guardsman. Encourage communication and show flexibility to help the Veteran cope with these many demands.
  • Veterans bring to the campus a variety of life experiences and skills, such as a capacity for leadership and teamwork. Encourage their participation in campus groups and activities.
  • Many Veterans leave higher education because they grow frustrated with the process and inability to obtain benefits, to interact with students after class and during breaks, or to use office hours and email. A relationship with a faculty member or adviser can be the single thing that helps a Veteran remain in school. Your relationship with a Veteran may help him or her feel more connected to the campus, navigate this new system, or feel support from an authority figure.
  • Student Veterans serving in the Reserve or National Guard must attend Battle Assembly one weekend a month, and annual training for two weeks during the year. Training could fall anytime during the semester. This could affect the student’s ability to complete an assignment or study for an exam. Consider providing some flexibility with assignments, tests, or attendance policies, based on a particular situation.
  • Make your syllabus Veteran Friendly by adding the following text:
    Veterans and active duty military personnel with special circumstances (e.g., upcoming deployments, drill requirements, disabilities) are welcome and encouraged to communicate these, in advance if possible, to the instructor.  All military-connected students are encouraged to visit the Mt. SAC Veterans Resource Center in Bldg. 9B-1st floor.  For more information, visit or call 909-274-4520.

Visit the VA's College Toolkit by clicking here.

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