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Inside the Sim Lab

The Sim Lab is setup like a hospital unit and each bedside has working equipment such as hospital beds, monitors, whiteboard, headwalls with simulated oxygen and suction to create an environment of realism.

The students can gain experience in utilizing a wide range of case scenarios. The students have the ability performs skills, such as vital signs, NGT placement, urinary catheter placement, assessment of breath sounds and heart sounds, IV access, and a head-to-toe assessment. By incorporating simulation into the courses, it allows the students to perform their skills and apply them in clinical. This help to promotes patient safety at patient beside.


Clinical Environment
Adult Medical-Surgical
There are two high fidelity adult human patient simulators (HPS).
There is one high fidelity childbirth HPS that can also be converted into a standard adult. The students will learn the procedure and technique for childbirth.
There is one medium fidelity pediatric HPS and one high fidelity newborn HPS. The students are able to perform skills that are unique to the pediatric population.