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Meet our Sim Family

A simulator named Apollo

Apollo & Antonio (METIman)

Wireless and tetherless high fidelity simulators that can display many physiological symptoms. Both adult simulators deliver the ultimate in realistic simulation-based healthcare training.

The simulators come with a list of features that will optimize simulation training including the new CPR guidelines, pupillary response, automatic drug recognition, and bodily fluid excretion.

A woman caters to a simulated infant

Lucina (Childbirth Simulator)

Wireless high fidelity birthing simulator with validated, integrated maternal-fetal physiology and interchangeable static cervices to train on all the stages of delivery and the rare emergency scenario.

The simulator comes with a list of features that brings a more realistic and controllable birthing process which includes articulation for labor and delivery maneuvers, predicted APGAR scores based on the integrated maternal-fetal physiology, and can perform a normal delivery, breech birth, shoulder dystocia and eclampsia.

A simulator named Brian

Bryan (Sim Junior)

Wireless and tetherless medium fidelity pediatric simulator that simulates a wide range of conditions from a healthy, talking child to an unresponsive, critical patient.
The simulator is anatomically modeled for a 6-year-old and allows the students to focus on pediatric skills in order to gain exposure to common pediatric problems.

An infant simulator

Tory (Newborn)

Wireless and tetherless high fidelity infant simulator that meets the challenges of newborn care.
The simulator simulates complex pathologies and responds to intervention with unparalleled realism. It displays active movement, true ventilator support, and real patient monitoring.