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RSCO Co-Lab Space

M: 9am - 5pm
T: 1pm - 5pm
W: 9am - 5pm
Th: 9am - 5pm
F: 9am - 4:30pm
*Hours subject to change

Building 410-2085
(909) 274-5959
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Rules & Regulations

The following rules have been developed in order to maintain a safe and relaxing environment:

  • All patrons must check in at the RSCO Co-Lab Space Front Desk with their student ID card. 
    • Forgot ID? Provide your A# at the front desk.
    • Not Mt. SAC Student? Provide your name and a valid ID.
  • Patrons wanting to use indoor/outdoor equipment or board games must have paid the Student Activities Fee (SAF) and provide the front desk with their student ID card.   
  • If a equipment or board games are currently in use, students may reserve the next available time slot at the front desk.
  • Only students who paid the SAF are eligible to check out items at the front desk.
  • Student Standards of Conduct will be enforced
  • Respectful behavior is required at all times
  • Profanity and inappropriate language will not be tolerated
  • Disruptive behavior is prohibited
  • A student’s failure to comply with RSCO Co-Lab Space Guidelines will result in removal and/or request for disciplinary action
  • Students should NEVER leave any personal items unattended. The RSCO Co-Lab Space is not responsible for any lost or stolen items 

RSCO Co-Lab Space

RSCO Co-Lab Space

This is where students can get information on our Recognized Student Clubs and Organizations (RSCOs). RSCO officers can utilize the space and workroom for RSCO projects. 

What can I do at the RSCO Co-Lab Space?  
- Check out board games*
- Check out outdoor gaming equipment (Foosball and Table Tennis coming soon)
- Get information on RSCOs
- Grab a snack from the Mountie Fresh Snack Rack

*Board games must remain on the second floor near the RSCO Co-Lab Space. Ask front desk staff for more information




This space is used for RSCOs to work on RSCO related projects. This is also a great area for RSCO to collaborate on events. 

Items available to use: 
- Butcher Paper (variety of colors)
- Buttons (25 per event)
- Paint Supplies (paint/paint brushes)

Equipment Room

This room has a couple machines that are available for RSCOs to use with restrictions and assistance from the RSCO Co-Lab Space staff. This space is also available to other departments with restrictions on quantity per semester and/or year. 

Items available to use: 
- Laminator
- Poster machine