Welcome to Lost & Found!
lost and found

The Student Life Office is the OFFICIAL Lost and Found on campus.

      • Did You Lose An Item?

        Did you lose an item on campus? Stop by or contact the office to see if it was turned in. 
        Building 410-2040
        If you we do not have your item, fill out a Lost & Found Claim Form so that we can contact you in the event your item is turned into our office. If your item is turned in, we will contact you via phone, email, and/or U.S. mail.

        Lost and Found Claim Form

        If you believe your item was stolen on campus, please contact Police & Campus Safety at 909-274-4555. 


        *Student Life has the right to dispose of items if deemed unsafe or as a biohazard.

      • Did You Find An Item? 

        Did you find an item on campus? Stop by the Office to drop it off during regular business hours! 
        Monday-Thursday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
                Friday: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
                Closed on Fridays during the Summer
                *Hours are subject to change
        Building 410-2040

      • Searching Tips!
        1. Retrace your steps
        2. Try to think of the last time you saw the item
        3. Check campus offices near the area you may have left it
        4. Was it your phone? Call it and see if someone answers or try and and use tracking software
      • Lost & Found Auction

        Items which have been in Lost & Found for four (4) months or longer will be placed into the Auction held each Fall semester.  All proceeds from the Auction will fund the Student Life Mark Minor Memorial Scholarship!

        The Lost & Found Auction will be hosted online via 32Auctions each Fall semester.  Payment for items must be made through PayPal.  We are unable to accept cash payments.  Monetary donations are always welcomed.

        If you lost an item(s) from Winter, Spring or Summer, you must claim the item prior to the beginning of the Fall semester.  Once an item is listed in the auction site, it cannot be claimed. NO EXCEPTIONS!

      • Lost & Found Impact
      • How Long Does Student Life Hold Lost Items?

        Once an item is turned into Lost and Found, the item will be recorded into our database with the date it was turned in, and held for duration of 4 months. 

        All items unclaimed after 4 months will be placed in the Lost & Found Auction held each Fall Semester.  

        Water bottles and lunch bags are cleaned out on a monthly basis due to sanitary purposes.

        California Legislation Civic Code - CIV Division 3. Obligations - Part 4. Obligations Arising From Particular Transactions - Title 6. Service - Chapter 4. Lost and Unclaimed Property - Article 1. Lost Money and Goods - 2080.6 (a) Any public agency may elect to be governed by the provisions of this article with respect to disposition of personal property found or saved on property subject to its jurisdiction, or may adopt reasonable regulations for the care, restitution, sale or destruction of unclaimed property in its possession. Any public agency adopting such regulations shall provide therein (1) that such unclaimed property shall be held by such agency for a period of at least three months, (2) that thereafter such property will be sold at public auction to the highest bidder, and (3) that notice of such sale shall be given by the chief administrative officer of such agency at least five days before the time fixed therefore by publication once in a newspaper of general circulation published in the county in which such property was found. Any property remaining unsold after being offered at such public auction may be destroyed or otherwise disposed of by the public agency.