Please use the following to apply for elected and appointed student leader positions. 

    • A.S. Sponsored Conference

      Student Conference Application

      Use this form to apply to attend an Associated Students sponsored conference. 

      Associated Students invites students at large to apply for a selected seat to join us at the Student Senate for California Community Colleges Advocacy Academy! Space is limited and applications will be reviewed. Registration and transportation each day of the conference will be sponsored by Associated Students. Applications close November 9, 2023. 

      Apply Here

    • Elected

      Executive Board Application

      All elected Associated Students Executive Officers shall serve a one-year term. The term for the Associated Students Executive Officers begins on July 1st and ends on June 30th of the following year.  The following positions make up the Executive Board: 

      • President
      • Vice President
      • Inter-Club Council Co-Chair (2)
      • Senate Chair (2) 

      To learn more about the Executive Board position eligibility refer to the A.S. Constitution. To learn more about each position's job description refer to the A.S. Organizational Directive. Applications for these positions are currently closed. 

      Student Trustee Application

      Elections for this position runs concurrently during A.S. Elections.  Per BP 2015 and AP 2015 the Board of Trustees shall include one Student Member whose term of office shall be one year commencing June 1. Applications for this position is currently closed.

    • Appointed

      Senate Application

      Please review the Organizational Directive for Senator position descriptions. In addition to A.S. Officer eligibility requirements, Senators must be available every Tuesday and Thursday from 3pm - 4:30pm during both semesters (Fall and Spring) and every Thursday from 4:30pm - 5:30pm for the Senators that serve on the Activities Committee.  Senators must attend additional mandatory trainings scheduled during the Summer and Winter intercessions and the Fall Leadership Conference.  After applying, you will receive follow up email correspondence from the A.S. Administrative Specialist. 

      Apply Here for Senate

      Student Court Application

      Students who wish to serve as an Associate Justice with Associated Students Judicial Branch can submit their application online.  In addition to A.S. Officer eligibility requirements, Associate Justices must be available every Wednesday from 11am - 2pm during all terms (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring).   Appointed Justices will be required to attend a mandatory training prior to serving on official appointed Student Conduct Board Hearings and Student Grievance Review Committees.  For more information review the Judicial Directive.  For questions please email any member of Student Court or Student Court Advisors

      Apply Here for Student Court

      College Committee Application

      Use this form to apply to serve on a College Committee as a Student Representative.   Click here for the current list. 

      Apply Here for a College Wide Committee

Legislative Forms

Associated Students, through Senate and ratification of Executive Board, have the ability to impact the student body and college community through its legislative process. These four legislative processes are: Appropriations, Bills, Recognitions, and Resolutions. 

Please use the below templates, every piece of legislation requires a senator sponsorship. To inquire about sponsorship, please contact a senator at the Student Life Center for more information. 

    • Funding Requests (Appropriations)

      Request for A.S. Funding

      Please use the forms below to request funding from Associated Students.  Funding requests for Independent Contractors (speakers, performers, etc), require board approval as well as purchases requiring a contract.   Please use the appropriate form.   Submit forms to the Student Life Office, attention Leslie Hennings.  

      For questions and information, contact Leslie Hennings at x5958 or

    • Bills

      Bill Template

      Use this form to write a Bill and request that senate adopt a new piece of legislation. This form is only valid if it is written and co-authored by a member of the Associated Students Senate. All other submissions will not be considered.

      Download the Bill Template

    • Recognition

      Recognition Template

      Use this form to write a recognition in order to officially recognize a people or events. This form is only valid if it is written and co-authored by A.S. senators.

      Download the Recognition Template

    • Resolutions

      Resolution Template

      Use this form to write a resolution which would voice a need outside the purview of Associated Students. This form is only valid if it is written and co-authored by A.S. senators.

      Download the Resolution Template

Other Forms