Activities Transcript

An Activities Transcript documents college-related leadership and volunteer involvement at Mt. San Antonio College and is NOT related to a college course or employment. 

Any time a student needs to show verification that they were involved in co-curricular activities while attending Mt. SAC, a completed Activities Transcript should be sent to the college, university, scholarship office, employer, etc.

Below are the steps for completing an Activities Transcript.  Only Mt. SAC activities and events requiring substantial planning, implementation, and follow-through should be recorded.
Step Description
1 CLICK HERE to complete the Activities Transcript. Download the fillable PDF digital document and type directly into the areas with the black lines. 
2 Remember to SAVE your document, PRINT, then take the completed Activities Transcript to each Mt. SAC employee who can verify your involvement in the listed activity for their signature.
3 KEEP the original signed copy for your records and use a COPY to send to other colleges, universities, employers, etc.

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