Online Classes

We have a comprehensive web site with information about studying with Mt. SAC Online. It includes information on Getting Started Online and Online Student Resources, including tutoring, counseling and more.

Logging Into Online Classes

Online classes are held through Canvas, our online learning system. At 7:30 a.m. on the first day of classes, you’ll be able to log into Canvas and view your classes. You can find the link to Canvas in the Mt. SAC Portal (at the top of the website) or the Mt. SAC Online webpage (


You do need to log into Canvas and click on each of the classes (listed by course registration number or CRN) to read carefully through your professor’s syllabus particularly for any activities you need to do during the first week in order to show your attendance. Doing so is important so that faculty can confirm your seat in the class, identify any open seats, and potentially add other students who may be on the waitlist.

If your class is synchronous, that means the class has mandatory real-time class meetings on specific days and times through Zoom. You are expected to attend those as scheduled just as you would if the class were offered on campus. Your attendance is important for confirming you want to be in the class.

Learn how to Read Your Schedule for Online Classes