Computed Tomography (CT) Program

Mission Statement

The mission of the computed tomography program is to prepare competent and professional entry-level CT technologists. Students will be provided with a comprehensive curriculum in the study and clinical practice of CT that addresses evolving technical skills, communication, and critical thinking. It is our goal to provide the necessary clinical and academic experiences to enable students to successfully earn ARRT CT certification.

The CT Program's mission is consistent with the College's mission in that it supports students in achieving their full educational potential in an environment of academic excellence.

Program Goals 

1. To provide educational experiences that prepare students to enter the healthcare community as CT technologists
  • Program curriculum will be up to date with current California state certification educational requirements, ARRT educational requirements, and ASRT Computed Tomography curriculum
  • Clinical experience will be in compliance with California state law
  • Program faculty will be qualified and meet requirements to maintain ARRT credentialing
  • Program curriculum will maintain clinical affiliations enabling students to become competent entry-level CT Technologists
2. To prepare clinically competent entry-level CT Technologists
  • Students will develop workforce readiness skills
  • Students will apply accurate positioning skills and provide appropriate patient care
  • Students will select optimal technical factors
  • Students will utilize appropriate radiation protection and ALARA principles
  • Students will demonstrate academic and technical competence as an entry-level CT Technologists
3. To develop CT Technologists  who utilize exceptional communication skills
  • Students will communicate effectively with patients, clinical staff, and peers
  • Students will demonstrate effective written and verbal communication skills in didactic and clinical settings
4. To develop CT Technologists who use critical thinking and problem-solving skills to perform job-related functions
  • Students will use critical thinking skills in both routine and non-routine clinical situations
  • Students will adapt standard procedures for non-routine patients
  • Students will analyze images to determine diagnostic quality and make modifications as needed
     5. To develop CT Technologists who perform CT procedures professionally
  • Students will exhibit professional work ethic, behavior, and attitude
  • Students will abide by the ASRT Code of Ethics
  • Students will use professional judgment when working with patients and others
     6. To encourage students/graduates to invest in continued personal and professional growth
  • Students will identify the advantage of belonging to professional organizations
  • Students will understand the need for continued professional development and growth
  • Students will participate in professional development activities
     7. To meet the employment demands of the medical community
  • Students will pass the ARRT certification exam in CT
  • Students will secure employment as a CT Technologist within one year of program completion