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Student Complaint Policy and Procedure


Mt. San Antonio College is committed to respecting all members of our campus community and providing a quality educational experience for all students. The objective of the Student Complaint Policy and Procedure is to ensure that the concerns and complaints of students are addressed fairly and are resolved promptly.  Complaints related to this policy are student complaints apart from those requiring invoking the grievance procedure (i.e. room cleanliness, room temperature, room lighting, faculty issues). Students may file complaints if they believe a problem is not governed by other Mt. SAC complaint or appeal procedures.

If there is a question regarding which appeal or complaint procedure is the most appropriate, students should contact the Student Life Office (Ext. 4525). After consulting with the student, the Director of Student Life or representative will direct the student to the most appropriate procedure.


Whenever possible, students are encouraged to seek an informal resolution of the matter directly with the faculty or individual(s) involved. Often a complaint can be resolved in this way. However, if an informal approach is neither successful nor advisable, the student should use the following procedure:

  • A student complaint form (click blue buttons below) should be submitted to the Radiologic Technology Program Department Chair (DC). It should contain (at a minimum) the date and time of the alleged conflict or action, the reason(s) for the complaint, a summary of the complaint, a list of other persons who may provide information and any appropriate documentation. The student must also include the resolution or outcome he or she is seeking. The complaint should be submitted within ten (10) business days of the alleged conflict or action.
    • For complaints NOT related to program faculty, please use the form below...

Student Complaint Form- Non Faculty

  •  For complaints related to program faculty, please use the form below...

 Student Complaint Form- Faculty

  • Students shall submit complaints directly to the DC either
    • in person by meeting with the DC
    • in writing using the Student Complaint Form (submit form to the DC office), or
    • online via the RT website under the Student Complaint Forms tab. Complaints completed online are emailed directly to the DC.
  • Upon receipt of a completed complaint form, the DC will review the information provided, meet with the student within 10 working days, and initiate an investigation if needed.
  • The DC may attempt to resolve the complaint by encouraging discussion between the student(s) and the faculty member/student or by taking the appropriate action to resolve complaint.
  • Every effort will be made to resolve the complaint; however, the resolution of all complaints may not be possible at the department level. Serious complaints may need to be forwarded to the appropriate personnel or department. A review of the complaint with the supervisor(s) or others in the line of supervision may be used when deemed appropriate and beneficial to the process. The DC will notify appropriate persons and request any information or documentation needed to resolve the complaint.
  • If the student is not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint, the student may contact the office of Student Life at (909) 274-4525 to pursue filing of a formal grievance. 


A record of all complaints and their resolution will be documented and the records will be kept in the DC office, Bldg. 67A, 127A.