Why Professional Development Matters at Mt. SAC

Mt. SAC's POD motto "We Support You So That You Can Support Our Students" was coined by Dr. Lisa Rodriguez in 2020 during a website redesign for the department. Her vision was that we do not come to work fully prepared for our own jobs, nor do we all see the connection to student support through the work we do.  In the 2022 LinkedIn blog post by Cynthia Barnes "How to use professional development to increase engagement and minimize attrition" succinctly sums up some of the value in robust professional development for employees: 

"When you invest in your employees, you can boost their morale. It's not rocket science. Most employees are grateful for the time and resources you devote to their growth. That's why companies with fully realized professional development programs experience improved employee retention. Happy employees tend not to resign. They know how important it is to work in a business with a healthy workplace culture where they feel valued and respected. When you invest in their professional growth, they invariably feel a stronger sense of loyalty to your company and more satisfaction in the work they do. "

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The Mt. SAC Professional Development Plan is another source of connecting the dots between employee learning and student success:  "Mt. SAC is committed to the success of students and promoting excellence in employee performance through collegially planned, high-impact, outcome-driven learning opportunities that support the College‚Äôs mission and strategic goals.  Mt. SAC must ensure all its employees are prepared and motivated to survive and thrive in this changing academic climate. Professional development is always vital for community college employees, but is now essential. This plan represents a significantly reimagined and expanded approach to the work of Mt. SAC in fostering training and professional learning for all employees as we enter a period of dynamic change and great possibility. " (page 1).