For Industry Employers

If you are seeking certified workers with skills in CAD (SolidWorks), CAM (MasterCAM) CNC programming, machining and machine operation, we have several ways to reach our students.

1. List Serve: We maintain an email list serve with approximately 500 current and former students. When we receive notice of a job opportunity from you, we will send it to all the students on this list. Please send email a word document with relevant information to Rachael Brown

Please include the following information if possible:

  1. Job description, expectations and duties
  2. Your location
  3. Approximate pay range
  4. Shift/ work hours
  5. Contact

2. Direct Pitch:  Contact Stephen James ( regarding visiting during class hours to address students directly. 

3. Hall Ad: Email Stephen James ( and we will post your job opportunity in our hallways and shop area.

4. On-Campus Internships: Contact Stephen James ( regarding our students using our equipment to produce your parts. You supply the material and prints and our students will do the rest at no cost to you.