Student Information

Work Experience builds the bridge from college to career by providing on the job training and additional resources for career success while offering students an opportunity to earn college credit.

Student Benefits

Benefits of participating in Work Experience include opportunities to: 

  • Apply classroom learning while gaining practical experience in the private, non-profit, or civil service
  • Develop new or improved job-related and technical skills
  • Gain industry insight and explore career paths
  • Build one’s resume and expand one’s professional network
  • Increase one’s competitiveness in the labor market

Student Eligibility

To qualify for enrollment in Work Experience, a student must:

  • Be enrolled in a Career Education (CE) program within the Business Division
  • Be in good academic standing
  • Have completed at least 1/3 of the units required of their academic program, or, have satisfactorily completed a class or be concurrently enrolled in a class with a “C” level SAM code in the same TOPS code as the CTE program
  • Complete all pre-requisite courses required of their program
  • Obtain paid or unpaid work/internship at an approved site related to their declared program of study

Student Assistance

Career development assistance is available to help students:

  • Identify career goals
  • Develop a professional profile, including resume, cover letter, and commercial pitch
  • Sharpen interview skills
  • Identify work experience and internship opportunities
  • Complete all paperwork necessary to enroll and receive academic credit


Work Experience courses are restricted.  Students are encouraged to meet with the Career Specialist early to begin the enrollment process as it may take time to secure an approved site.  Some industries require that the student obtain a letter of recommendation, provide immunization records, or possess special training or certification that may take additional time to obtain.  Additionally, not all sites or industries accept students every term.  Permission to enroll in the course is granted once the student has:

  • Met with a Career Specialist for an Intake Appointment during which program requirements are reviewed, the student’s resume is critiqued, and the student’s goals and availability are discussed.
  • Secured an approved site. For students who are already working in the industry and wish to receive academic credit, students will be required to provide a job description. If accepted, the student’s employer must agree to participate in the Work Experience program.  For students who do not have a work/internship site, assistance to identify opportunities may be provided.  Students will have to apply and interview with the site.  Placement is not guaranteed.
  • Completed all required Work Experience paperwork, including obtaining an approved Learning Contract.
  • Attended a Work Experience Orientation.
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Further Questions? Please Contact: 
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