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Healthy vs. Unhealthy Foods

Here are  some basic comparisons between many of the foods we typically eat and simple healthy substitutes for many of these foods.

Key comparisons may include:
  • Purchasing costs
  • Cooking times 
  • General costs and/or benefits to the body 

Example 1:

    Fast Food Cheeseburger   Homemade Deli Sandwich Meal
Price ($$)   $5.00-$12.00     $5.00- $12.00
Cook Time     N/A    N/A 
 Health Benefits          lots of protein        
  • lots of protein
  • variety of healthy vegetables
  • low fat (low or no oils, batters, etc)
 Health Costs    
  • high in cholesterol
  • high fat
  • high total calories
  • may lead to fatigue during digestion
  •  minimal
  • (avoid adding excess condiments, french fries, etc)


Substitution Ideas for cheeseburger combo meals may include:

  • grilled chicken breast instead of beef patty(ies)
  • no cheese on burger
  • fresh deli instead of grilled/ fried meat(s)

Example 2:

    Large Energy Drink Large Water
Price ($$)   $1.00-$8.00    $1.00- $6.00
Prep Time     N/A    N/A 
 Health Benefits          minimal        
  • helps meet water requirements for the day
  • refreshing
  • absent of harmful/ questionable ingredients
 Health Costs  
  • energy "crash" after initial energy "boost"
  • intake of a variety of harmful/ questionable ingredients linked to high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.
  • too much sugar and/ or caffeine per serving




Substitution Ideas for energy drink may include:

  • water
  • Gatorade or Powerade sports drink
  • black coffee or plain espresso
  • iced or hot tea


ATTENTION: All content relating to nutrition herein should be considered general, non-clinical information and guidance.  Always consult with your doctor or a professional nutritionist when seeking ANY personalized dietetic advice that may significantly affect your immediate and/or long-term health.