Certificate Programs

    • Athletic Trainer

      Athletic Trainer Certificate Picture

      The Athletic Trainer Aide I

      The Athletic Trainer Aide I Certificate provides minimal experience necessary to assist High School Athletic Trainers and Athletic Health Care Providers in the community. Students desiring a Bachelor's Degree (transfer program) should consult with an advisor to discuss transferability of courses. For more information please contact Michael Landas (909.274.3669 or

      Course Description Units
      KIN 3 First Aid and CPR (OR) KIN 5 Advanced First Aid/CPR/Emergency Response 3.0
      KIN 19 Introduction to Care/Prevention of Activity/Sports-Related Injuries 3.0
      KIN 34 Fitness for Living 3.0
      KIN 92 Work Experience - Athletic Training 2.0
        TOTAL UNITS 11.0
    • Coaching


      Coaching cert picThis certificate program is intended to prepare students for employment as high school (walk-on) coaches, but is appropriate for coaches at various levels. For more information please contact John Knott (909.274.4348 or

      Course Description Units
      KIN 13 Sports Officiating 3.0
      KIN 34 Fitness for Living 3.0
      KIN 44 Theory of Coaching 3.0
      KIN 81 Work Experience for Coaching 2.0
        TOTAL UNITS 11.0

      Exit Requirement: First Aid and CPR Certification

    • Fitness Specialist / Personal Training

      Fitness Specialist/Personal Trainer

      PT cert picThe Fitness Specialist/Personal Trainer Certificate prepares students for careers as personal trainers, health/fitness professionals in corporate fitness facilities, wellness centers and public/private health clubs. The Fitness Specialist/Personal Trainer Certificate curriculum is designed to prepare students who wish to take exams offered by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and other nationally recognized organizations. Technical skills necessary for implementation of safe, effective and motivational physical fitness program are presented. For more information please contact Chris Jackson (909.274.4556 or

      Course Description Units
      KIN 15 Administration of Fitness Programs 2.0
      KIN 24 Kinesiology 2.0
      KIN 38 Physiology of Exercise for Fitness 3.0
      KIN 39 Techniques of Fitness Testing 2.0
      KIN 40 Techniques of Teaching Cardiovascular Exercise 3.0
      KIN 85 Fitness Specialist Internship 1.0
      Choose one course from the following
      NF 10 Nutrition for Personal Health and Wellness  
      NF 12 Sports Nutrition  
      NF 25 Introduction to Nutrition Science  
           or NF 25H Introduction to Nutrition Science - Honors  
        TOTAL UNITS 16.0
      Recommended Electives:
      Course Description Units
      DNCE 39A Alignment and Correctives 0.5-1
      KINF 25 Core Performance and Foundation Movement 1-2

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