Committee Members

  Position Represented Name Term
1. Dean of Instruction  Sylvia Ruano Ongoing
2. GPS Mapping Coordinator Stacie Nakamatsu Ongoing
3. SCE Faculty Mapping Coordinator Michael Ngo Ongoing
4. GPS Instruction Coordinator Michelle Nava Ongoing
5. GPS Counseling Coordinator Elmer Anzora Rodriguez Ongoing
6. Articulation Officer Jamaika Fowler Ongoing
7.  Noncredit manager (appointed by the Vice President, School of Continuing Education) Jody Fernando 2020-24
8. Research & Institutional Effectiveness (voting) Marcelle Gilmore Ongoing
9. Admissions & Records Evaluator (appointed by Dean of Enrollment) Becky Wang 2020-24
10. Curriculum Specialist II Lannibeth Calvillo Ongoing
11. Noncredit Curriculum Specialist I Lesley Cheng Ongoing
12. Information Technology Representative Matt Bidart Ongoing
13. Associate Dean, Career Education Dejah Swingle Ongoing
14. Marketing Manager of Designee John Lewallen Ongoing
  8 Faculty representing each Division (appointed by the Academic Senate)    
15. Arts Vacant TBD
16. Business Vacant TBD
17. Humanities & Social Sciences Vacant 2021-24
18. Kinesiology, Athletics & Dance Robert Purcell 2020-23
19. Library, Learning Resources, and Distance Learning Cristina Springfield 2022-23
20. natural Sciences Eugene Mahmoud 2021-24
21. School Of Continuing Education  Lorena Velazquez 2020-23
22. Technology & Health Vacant 2021-24
23. ACCESS Faculty Vacant 2021-24
24. Student Representative (appointed by Associated Students) Vacant 2023-24
25. Student Representative (appointed by Associated Students) Vacant 2023-24