Campus Equity & Diversity Committee Membership

Associate Vice President, Human Resources (Tri-chair) Tika Davé-Harris, MPA Ongoing
Vice President, Human Resources, or Designee (Ex-Officio)  (Designee) Lisa Rodriguez, Ph.D. Ongoing 
Academic Senate Appointee (Tri-chair) Vacant 2022-25
Academic Senate Appointee  Vacant 2023-26
Academic Senate Appointee  Stacy Bacigalupi 2023-26
Academic Senate Appointee Sheila Espy 2021-24
Academic Senate Appointee Candace Leuthold 2022-25
Academic Senate Appointee Mica Stewart 2021-24
Faculty Association Appointee  Eric Kaljumagi 2021-24
Faculty Association Appointee Emily Woolery 2021-24
Management Appointee Marisa Fierro 2021-24
Management Appointee Michelle Sampat 2021-24
Classified 262 Appointee (Tri-chair) Robin Cash* 2021-24
Classified 262 Appointee Gizelle Ponzillo 2021-24
Classified 651 Appointee  Johnny Armendariz 2021-24
Classified 651 Appointee  Peter Gonzalez 2021-24
Classified Senate Appointee Yvette Garcia 2023-26
Confidential  Appointee LaToya Bass 2021-24
School of Continuing Education Representative Tami Pearson 2022-25
ACCESS Representative Manoj Jayagoda 2021-24
Student (Appointed by the Associated Students President) Vacant 2023-24
*Classified Tri-chair rotates annually each academic year.