Campus Equity & Diversity Committee

Purpose & Function

The Campus Equity and Diversity Committee promotes a climate of equal access and opportunity in order to improve workforce diversity. The Committee also seeks to strengthen and expand the ability of administrative officers and employees to demonstrate sensitivity to, and understanding of, the values and benefits of diversity among college students and the workforce.

The Function of the Campus Equity & Diversity Committee is to:

  1. Review the Equal Employment Opportunity Plan and make recommendations biennially.
  2. Review college employment practices, Board Policies as they relate to the committee’s purpose, and develop recommendations to ensure that such practices reflect a sensitivity and understanding of student and employee diversity.
  3. Ensure that employment policies and practices eliminate bias and unlawful discrimination in the hiring process and in the workplace.
  4. Assess campus climate relative to equity and diversity issues and make recommendations for policy and program changes as necessary.
  5. Review and recommend appropriate training on the requirements of applicable Title 5 regulations and of state and federal nondiscrimination laws as necessary.
  6. Communicate recommendations and EEO related policies and adopted policies to the District and the campus community.

*reviewed and approved 1/8/18