Accreditation Steering Committee Members

Position Represented Name Status
Accreditation Liaison Officer/ Vice President, Instruction (Co-Chair) Kelly Fowler Ongoing
Faculty Accreditation Coordinator (Co-Chair) (appointed by the Academic Senate) Barbara Mezaki Ongoing
Faculty Accreditation Co-Coordinator (appointed by the Academic Senate) Allie Frickert Ongoing
Associate Vice President, Instruction Meghan Chen Ongoing
Director, Research and Institutional Effectiveness Patty Quinones Ongoing
Acting Director, Professional Organizational Development Lisa Rodriguez Ongoing
Provost, School of Continuing Education or Designee Minerva Avila Ongoing
Assistant Dean, Accreditation and Planning Lianne Maldonado-Greenlee Ongoing
Management from Student Services Koji Uesugi 2022-25
Management from Administrative Services Michael Carr 2021-24
Management from Human Resources Tika Dave'-Harris 2021-24
Academic Senate President or Designee Roger Willis 2021-24
Faculty Association President or Designee Elizabeta Meyer 2022-25
Classified Senate President or Designee Diana Dzib 2021-24
CSEA 262 President or Designee Rosa Asencio 2022-25
CSEA 651 President or Designee Robert Montoya 2021-24
1 to 2 Students (Appointed by the Associated Students) Penny Peiving Feng 2022-23
1 to 2 Students (Appointed by the Associated Students) Vacant 2022-23
Outcomes Coordinator Kelly Coreas Ongoing
Noncredit Member (Appointed by Academic Senate) L.E. Foisia 2020-23
Faculty Member (Appointed by the Academic Senate) Michelle Shear 2020-24