Electronics & Computer Technology

Electronic Systems Technology (EST)

The Electronic Systems Technology fast-track certificate program prepares individuals for employment with telephone companies, satellite/cable TV providers, electrical contractors, computer and network specialists, and home audio/video retailers.

The program has no prerequisites and minimal math analysis, prepares participants for the California State Contractors C-7 low-voltage systems license as well as for certifications within the cable and wire fields. Several such certifications are available; most require program completion and some field experience before certification is granted. Typical job titles are low-voltage electrician (C-7), data/cable technician, low-voltage wiring technician/installer, line installer, home theater installer, satellite TV installer, and security systems installer. 

The program contains emphasis on low-voltage cable and wire installations for copper, coax, fiber, and structured cable, consists of 27.0/30.0 semester units of course work, including up to 414 hours of classroom instruction and 376 hours of laboratory work. Specialized training includes: 

  • Use of test instruments (including analog and digital meters, oscilloscopes, signal generators, cable testers, fiber-optic inspection equipment, optic light signal sources, sound level meters and remote network analysis equipment).
  • Use of general and specialized hand and power tools, including wire punch-down tools, crimping tools, and fiber optic splicing tools.
  • Fabrication techniques.
  • Installation of power line carrier modules.
  • Installation and setup of security panels.
  • Use of home automation and security systems software.
  • Installation of home theater video displays (including LCD, DLP, and plasma) and sound systems, such as Dolby and DTS.
  • Use of personal computers and Windows operating systems. 

Computer skills are enhanced by course work in Windows, Microsoft Office (word processing, spreadsheets, database, and presentations), and the Internet. Also provided is a course in customer service training to help meet the needs of service technicians working with customers. 

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