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  • Are you having trouble finding courses you need when you need them?
  • Are you having trouble enrolling in that ONE necessary prerequisite class, semester after semester?
  • Would completing that ONE required class help you to speed up your ability to graduate or transfer?

If you answered "YES!" to any of the above questions, then you might want to check out the online courses through the CCC Online Course Exchange!

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What is the CCC Online Course Exchange?

It's basically an online system that allows you to take online courses at OTHER participating California community colleges, while being a student at Mt. SAC. Sounds awesome right? Read more...

 Some quick answers to some common questions...

    • How do I know if I am eligible?
      Excellent question!

      Depending on your home college, students who are included in one or more of the following categories are currently NOT eligible to participate:

      • International F1 Visa
      • Students with an address outside of California
      • Incarcerated
      • Vacation or Visitor Visas (B Visas)
      • AB540 with out-of-state addresses
      • High school dual enrollment

      If you are not a part of any of the above categeories, then you are eligible to participate in the Online Course Exchange as long as to meet the minimum requirements listed below.

      Minimum Requirements 

      Here are the Online Course Exchange minimum requirements:

      • You must have completed your college assessment tests and have an electronic education plan on file with your counselor at your home college
      • You must be enrolled in at least ONE course at your home college in order to enroll in any Online Course Exchange courses (please note: you can enroll in a maximum of 2 Online Course Exchange courses in any given term)

      Additional questions? Check out the OEI Course Exchange FAQ!

    • Will I be eligible for financial aid?
      Another fantastic question!

      Colleges participating in the Exchange Consortium have agreed to a Federal Financial Aid consortium agreement. Under agreement the Home College will be responsibility for the distribution of Financial Aid awards for Exchange students.

      If you are eligible for federal Financial Aid at your home college, you may be able to have your Teaching College units and home college units combined counted towards your maximum financial aid award.  To get further details, contact your home college Financial Aid office and ask about the Course Exchange Financial Aid Consortium Agreement.

      Additional questions? Check out the OEI Course Exchange FAQ!

    • How do I get started?
      Here's how to get started!
      1. Check the list of online courses that may be available to you when you have exhausted the available courses at your college: List of Initial Exchange Courses. The current list is also available on the OEI Course Exchange webpage.
      2. When you find the class you need, make a note about the title of the course and what collegs it's offered at.
      3. Register for as many of the courses you need at your home college first. You must be enrolled in a minimum of 1 class at your home college in order to qualify for the Exchange.
      4. Look for the Course Exchange Link on the screen when you receive confirmation that you have successfully registered at your home college (see graphic below)

      CCC Online Course Exchange Entry Button Example


      <include the rest of the steps required once you *enter* the course exchange process in your portal?> Maybe a video instead?


 <put some words here (maybe a graphic also) explaining the info below>

  • Mt. SAC as the Home College

    This information is for current Mt. SAC students that are participating in the Online Course Exchange and taking a course through another college. In this instance, Mt. SAC is your home college.

  •  Mt. SAC as the Teaching College 

    This information is for students that are participating in the Online Course Exchange and taking a course through Mt. SAC, where Mt. SAC is NOT your home college. In this instance Mt. SAC is your teaching college.

For more information about the Online Course Exchange at Mt. SAC please visit: <website? email? phone number?>