Tri-College Student Pitch Winners

Ashley Orozco

Major — Business Management
Business Pitch — The Good Study

Ashley Orozco

Ashley Orozco is a participant from the Tri-College Student Pitch Competition 2021. 

She is a business major with limited experience. Ashley believed the competition would be a good way to gain some experience and insight. She was encouraged to do the competition by Jonathan Lewin, her business pitch partner. Ashley believed her partnership led to a stronger pitch than if she had done the competition on her own. 

"...I really enjoyed participating in the Tri-College Student Pitch Competition. Going into it I was a little nervous since it was my first time participating in a competition of this nature, but I'm glad I did." 

Ashley and Jonathan presented their business idea called The Good Study. Their idea was inspired to create a place where students would have a secure place to study especially if they don't have access to that at home or struggle to find one anywhere else. It would also be constructed with all recent events taken into mind such as the pandemic which halted many students studies, and be able to function if another event similar to the pandemic were to occur. 

Even though The Good Study didn't make it to the top 3, Ashley is very proud to have been one of the finalists and have been able to present their pitch. 
What would be Ashley's advice to students interested in participating in the Tri-College Business Pitch?
Ashley says, "My advice to any students that are considering to join in the future is to just go for it! You miss all of the shots you never take and life is too short to be looking back and wonder what if. If you have a pitch that you're still not too sure where it might go, you should still go for it."

Devon Roberts

Major — Media Production
Business Pitch — ReFashyn

Devon Roberts

Devon Roberts is the 2nd place winner from the Tri-College Student Pitch Competition 2020. 

Devon is a third year media production student brought to Mt San Antonio College as a temporary transfer student by the Covid-19 Pandemic. She has been passionately developing ReFashyn throughout her collegiate career and hopes to change how we view fashion one idea at a time.

"I was encouraged to enter the Tri-College Pitch [Competition] after taking an entrepreneurship course and am so happy I did. I have been developing my business and it is so validating to be acknowledged in such a way." 



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