Aircraft Maintenance Cohort Application

To promote diversity, equity, and inclusion of the student population, Aircraft Maintenance Faculty approved to use an orientation meeting and a mathematics exam as the selection method to accept aircraft maintenance students starting Fall 2024.

Orientation is scheduled on:
May 22, 2024
3:30PM – 5:30PM
Bldg. 28B Room 108

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New Admission Procedures

    • 1Apply to College

      Complete application to MtSAC, obtain a student ID # (A#) and obtain MtSAC email address.

       New Student Application

    • 2Apply to AIRM Program

      Complete application to the program by clicking the "Apply Now" button below.

      Apply Now

    • 3Attend Orientation & Pass the Math Exam

      Attend mandatory in-person orientation and pass math exam with a minimum score of 75%.

      The exam will include:

      • Converting fractions, decimal numbers, and ratios.
      • Solving single variable algebraic equations.
      • Calculating circumference, area, and volume of geometric shapes such as rectangles, circles, cubes, and cylinders.
      • Solving speed, rate, and time problems.
      • Solving force, area, and pressure problems.
      • Binary numbers.
      • Exponents and powers of 10.
      • Squares and square roots of numbers.

      Pencils, paper, scantron forms and calculators will be provided for the exam. Study hard and we hope to see you at orientation.

      View Sample Math Exam

    • 4Admission into Program

      Newly applying students who pass the math exam will be admitted in order based on the Mt. SAC registration date. Students who have been accepted will be notified within one week of orientation date via Mt. SAC email. 

    • 5Orientation & Registration

      Once applicants attend orientation and successfully pass the mathematics exam, they will be cleared to register for the courses; based on the number of spaces available. 

    • 5Cohort Registration

      Students who have ben accepted will register for their upcoming fall courses.