Course Information


The Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology program is constantly adapting its curriculum to reflect industry changes and new technology. In 2010, the program developed a Building Automation Certificate, which reflects a new technology that is quickly gaining momentum due to energy requirements and environmental concerns.  Please visit the Building Automation site for more information on this career.

All courses and certificates are continually reviewed and approved by industry representatives through our advisory committee, which meets on a periodic basis to ensure the program remains current with industry and students needs.

Courses Offered:

AIRC 10 — Technical Mathematics in Air Conditioning
AIRC 11 — Welding for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
AIRC 12 — Air Conditioning Codes and Standards
AIRC 20 — Refrigeration Fundamentals
AIRC 25 — Electrical Fundamentals for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
AIRC 26 — Gas Heating Fundamentals
AIRC 30 — Heat Load Calculations
AIRC 31 — Commercial Electrical for Air Conditioning
AIRC 32 — Air Properties and Measurement
AIRC 34 — Advanced Mechanical Refrigeration
AIRC 95 — Work Experience in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration - Elective

 NOTE: Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this information; however, students should consult the College Catalog for the most current and accurate information regarding courses.