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Building Automation Systems (BAS)

Building automation is defined as a programmed, computerized network of electronic devices that monitor and control the energy consumption of buildings. The intent is to create an intelligent building and reduce energy and maintenance costs. In commercial buildings, most fire-life-safety, lighting, air conditioning, and ventilation systems are automated to manage energy consumption.

This has created a strong and sustainable demand for Building Automation Service technicians that will continue as long as energy remains a limited commodity.



AIRC 20 Refrigeration Fundamentals  4.0 units
AIRC 25 Electrical Fundamentals for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration                 5.0 units
AIRC 31 Commercial Electrical for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 4.0 units
AIRC 34 Advanced Mechanical Refrigeration 4.0 units
AIRC 61 Building Automation Fundamentals 2.5 units
AIRC 65 Building Automation Networks and Programming 3.0 units
AIRC 67 Energy Management 4.0 units
ELEC 11 Technical Applications in Microcomputers 3.0 units
CISW 41 XML Secure Programming 3.0 units
CNET 56 Computer Networks 4.0 units
Total 36.5 units