The Accessible Technology Center at Mt. San Antonio College is an instructional facility where students who are enrolled in credit classes and have disabilities learn to use adaptive hardware and software in order to improve their access for learning and for communicating learned information. The Accessible Technology Center is also where course required materials are converted into alternate media formats so that these students can more effectively access the information.

Adaptive Computer Technology

  • Adaptive keyboards, keyboard controls, adaptive mouses, track balls, and  other specialized computer access equipment
  • Screen enlargers, screen readers, text scanners, and text converters
  • Speech recognition and handwriting recognition

Computerized Assistance in academic areas (reading, writing, arithmetic)

  • Word prediction, text readers, spell-checkers, and concept organizers
  • Mathematical writing tools
  • Interactive educational software

Computerized Training in cognitive skills (focusing attention, memory, organization, planning)

  • Software for improving attention, concentration, and speed of processing
  • Software for developing and applying strategies for memory, sequencing, reasoning, and planning