Description of Services

Accessibility Resource Centers for Students provides services above and beyond services that may be available elsewhere on campus. The services may be in-classroom (e.g. a notetaker) and/or outside of the classroom (e.g. tram service).  Services may be directly related to an approved educational accommodation (e.g. notetaker, tram service, sign language interpreting, etc.). Others may be a specialized version of a traditional student service. (e.g. counseling, advising, community liaison with outside agencies).  Services and accommodations must be requested and approved by a ACCESS Counselor every term.

What is an Accommodation?

An educational accommodation is an adjustment to the way a student receives, retains or demonstrates knowledge to allow him or her equal access to an education.  Accommodations are prescribed based on the educational limitations or barriers that are directly caused by the disability, diagnosis or medical condition.  Accommodations cannot fundamentally change academic requirements for degrees, certificates, programs, courses or assignments. 

Accommodations and other services vary term to term depending on the educational requirements of the class(es) and must be requested each and every term.  Accommodations must be approved by a ACCESS Counselor, Instructional Specialist, or ACCESS Director.  Early requests for accommodations are encouraged.  Late requests for accommodations may result in delays due to availability. 

Accommodations approved at Mt. San Antonio College are considered reasonable for specific classes or educational settings at this college and may not apply to other institutions. If an agreement between the faculty member, ACCESS professional, and the student cannot be reached, the student or faculty member may file an appeal through the procedures set forth in Administrative Procedure 5140—Individuals with Disabilities.

Any professionally documented diagnosis and/or medical condition which substantially interferes with a person's ability to succeed in an academic setting may be eligible for accommodations and/or services.