Creating A Professional Learning Network Account

Using the PLN Learning Tools

The California Community Colleges Professional Learning Network is designed for California community college employees to access free learning resources and connect with peers.

The California Community Colleges Professional Learning Network (PLN) is designed for California community college employees to access free learning resources and connect with peers. Access to online learning services is now available through the PLN.

  • Mt. SAC will no longer provide access directly to online learning resources and your existing accounts will no longer work.
  • If you wish to use the online learning resources, you must now create an account with and log into the PLN.
  • If you already had accounts with the online learning resources through Mt. SAC, you still need to create an account on the PLN. 

If you have any questions or need assistance, please call the Information Technology Help Desk at 909.274.4357 or write to

    • Step 1: Go to POD

      Go to the Professional & Organizational Development (POD) website at

      image of professional learning network logo with link to site

      Note: This link will open a new tab or window so you can read these instructions while registering.

      Click on the link to the Professional Learning Network web site.

    • Step 2: Go to Register/Login

      Locate and click on the "Login/Register" link (located at the top-right side of the page).

      image of link to professional learning network web site

    • Step 3: Fill Out Registration Form

      Fill out the registration form (do not try to log in if you have not set up an account yet).  NOTE: when you enter your username, try entering your Mt. SAC portal username (e.g. bscroggins,  jdoe14, etc.) if that is available. Also enter your Mt. SAC e-mail address and phone number. Do not use your personal information (e-mail addresses are used to verify you as a community college employee).

      image of registration form

    • Step 4: Confirmation E-Mail

       After you register, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Click on the link to confirm your PLN account.

      image of a sample confirmation email with link to confirm registration

    • Step 5: MyPD

      You will be directed to your "MyPD" page. Click on the "gear" icon near the upper-right (next to the photo) to edit your profile information. Your name and contact information will be carried over from your registration page, but you can upload a photo and enter a very brief paragraph (40 words or less) about yourself.  This is optional.

      image of user profile page

    • Step 6: Learn
      Locate the "More" link at the top upper-right of the page. Click on the drop-down arrow and select "Learn" from the menu.
    • Step 7: Choose Your Online Learning/Training Resource

      Once you log into the PLN, you may choose from one of the following training resources:

      • Skillsoft provides business, digital, IT, and compliance learning solutions and has an extensive catalog, which includes more than one billion learning modules.
      • offers an online library of 4,000+ courses taught by industry experts designed for all levels of learners available at any time on any device you choose.
      • Grovo offers hundreds of short-form video lessons covering Internet tools and cloud services, which you can watch on any device and pick up where you left off at any time.


    • Step 8: Welcome To . . .
        • Skillsoft
          To begin, click on "The Library" link at the upper-left top of the page. Then select the learning area, such as "Microsoft Office 365" under the "Desktop & IT Skills category.

           On the Lynda welcome page, click on "No, I've never had an account."

          Important!  If you previously had a "" account, all your completed courses, bookmarks, and notes will not transfer to this new Lynda account. You must call the customer service desk at 888.335.9632 to request your completed course listings.

        • Grovo

          After clicking the "Click here for Grovo" link, you will be taken to the Grovo login page. Click on the green "Sign in with your account" link.  You will not need to "sign in" because your PLN account will be detected.

          If this is your first visit, you will see two learning sessions on your account home page.  The "Grovo Introduction" and "Grovo for Users" lessons. You should complete these lessons to learn how to use Grovo.

    •  Step 9: Find A Course
        • Skillsoft
          Click on "The Library" in the upper-left of the page header. A number of course offerings are listed by topic. Select a topic to see a list of courses. You can also use the search bar at the upper-right of the page header.

          To find a course, you can browse through the many popular tracks (located at the top of the page) or use the search bar at the top upper-left of the page. Enter the name of a course (e.g. handling workplace change as an employee) or use keywords (e.g. workplace change, web design, etc.).

          The course for which you are searching will be shown. If you used keywords, then a list of courses related to your keyword will appear (there could be hundreds or thousands of search results).

          image of results for "employee changes" search with links to courses on this subject

        • Grovo
          Click on the "Browse" link at the upper-left of the top menu bar (next to the learning tree). The course offerings window will appear. You can browse the course offerings by either "All" or by "Sites & Apps" or by "Topics." You can also click on the "Filters" tab, which will open a drop-down menu of options to refine your browsing options.
    • Step 10: Take A Course
        • Skillsoft

          Once you have refined your search for specific courses, click the "Launch" link to begin.

          image of skillsoft course offerings in graphic design/photoshop


          After you drill down to the specific course you wish to take, click on the "Watch now" link in the video viewpanel.

          image of lynda course selection

        • Grovo

          Once you have drilled down to the specific training course you want, Grovo shows the list of lessons. Click then"Start Lessons" button to begin.

          image of lessons list for selected training course