Title V Grant

Mt. SAC’s new Title V: Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions grant, “Building Pathways of Persistence and Completion,” is a five-year, $3,248,423 grant funded by the U.S. Department of Education (Award number PO31S130057-15). The grant’s overarching goal is to develop curriculum design models and support structures that accelerate students’ certificate completion, graduation, and/or transfer rates. The grant focuses on five integrated components critical to improving the success of Hispanic and at-risk populations as they move through Mt. SAC’s educational pipeline:

 education tree

  • enable students to make more informed educational goals;
  • provide support services that accelerate students into and promote retention in college-level coursework;
  • create sustainable and scalable cohort models that move students quickly into college-level coursework and promote faster completion of certificate/ degree/transfer programs in specific disciplines;
  • increase and enhance communication with students; and
  • provide faculty with professional development opportunities and resources that promote student success and completion.