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Management Professional Development Committee (MPDC)


The Management Professional Development Committee (MPDC) serves as an operational committee of PDC and is guided by the Management Steering Team in the development of professional learning activities related to management. 


1.  To recommend to PDC professional learning goals and objectives for management development in alignment with Management Steering and College goals.
2.  To advise on all matters related to management professional learning.
3.  To review and approve tuition reimbursement requests for management.
4.  To develop and facilitate management retreat.

Membership (9)

All members are selected by the Management Steering Team.  Each member, unless otherwise noted, will serve a 2 year term.  The Chair of the Committee will be elected by the Committee.  In the case when there is no volunteer from the specific areas, the position will not go vacant but may be filled with someone from a different area.

Position Represented
1. Director, POD Lianne Greenlee Ongoing
2. Director, Payroll Richard Lee Ongoing
3. Chair, Management Steering Team (Chair*) Jim Jenkins Ongoing
4. President's Office Manager Uyen Mai 2015-17
5. Human Resources Manager Cynthia Hoover 2017-19
6. Instructional Manager David Charbonneau 2015-17
7. Student Services Manager Vacant  
8. Administrative Services Manager Chris Schroeder 2015-17
9. At-large Manager Duetta Langevin 2017-19

 *Chair of MPDC sits on Management Steering Team.  When elected Chair, committee member's term resets to 2 years.

Membership Meeting Times

Meetings are held every third Thursday of the month, September through June, excluding January.

Meeting Dates: TBD

Responsibility for maintenance of committee website:  Lianne Greenlee