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Join the instructors from the St. Jude Wellness Center in Virtual Wellness. Find low impact movement and moderate intensity fitness to restorative yoga, Pilates, breath work and guided nutrition, we have a variety of services to help you achieve total-body wellness online. 

Upcoming Sessions
    • Breathwork 

      Breathwork with Robert van der Heyden

      Woman Breathing

      In this breathwork class you will learn about functional breathing along with self assessment tools to check in with yourself daily.  Based on your stress levels you will learn breathing techniques to shift from anxious/stressed state (fight or flight) to a rest and recovered state giving you more clarity and a sense of calm when ever you need it.  Each class will start with an assessment of your breathing, a review of functional breathing techniques, and finally a guided breathwork session. This class is a perfect tool for changing a midday slump or transitioning from work to home life. Some of the benefits of breathwork include: boosted immunity, increased self-awareness, increased joy and happiness, improved concentration, increased energy, faster recovery from physical exertion, improved sleep, more focus and mental clarity.

      Robert van der Heyden is a resiliency and breath coach. He is a certified in Wim Hof, XPT, and is a Oxygen Advantage instructor. 

    • Circuit Training

      Safe and Effective Circuit Training with Evan

      Circuit Training

      Research tells us that 75% of those who made new year’s resolutions to exercise more have already stopped exercising. 75%!!! A major contributing factor to these discarded resolutions is a lack of proper knowledge and training. Showing up to the gym (or your home gym) is of course step 1, but if you do not know how to safe and effectively exercise in order to gain muscle while losing fat mass, you will end up either injured or disappointed in your results. Evan will guide you through a circuit exercise class that you can easily do from home to start back on those fitness goals. He will show you modifications for all levels as you go and provide suggestions for how to take it up a notch when you feel ready so that you continuously challenge your body. Grab some medium size hand weights (or water bottles), your shoes and a towel and let’s get moving!

    • Deskercise

      Deskercise & Maskercise with Carla

      We are ALL feeling the physical consequences of too much desk time, Zoom time and even masking! While all of these activities are essential to work and health, it’s also important to do activities that keep your body moving and flexible in other positions. Carla will guide you in a series of exercises and stretches that you can do both at and away from your desk in order to combat the “computer hunch.” She will also show you some fun “face yoga” moves to help stretch and aerate facial skin and muscles that get so tense when we are masked or on endless Zoom calls!

    • Guided Meditation by Andrea Torres

      Guided Meditation by Andrea Torres

      Andrea TorresAs a lifelong learner and advocate for wellness, I have been a seeker of healthy ways to thrive. I am grateful to share some of my practices with this community. I have served Mt. SAC as a counselor and professor, and now as a mindfulness, meditation and breath work guide. These practices are an integration of years of study and resources that I personally use on a daily basis. I believe in the ability of every person to make positive changes in their life with support and connection. I invite you into stillness with me. Create a comfortable space for yourself and set a time for self-care with these recorded sessions. In gratitude, Andrea Torres, M.S., MFT

      Andrea Torres | Magic Mountie Podcasts

    • Mat Pilates

      Mat Pilates

      Pilates is an excellent way to incorporate strengthening and agility into a breath work practice so that you gain both physical and mental benefits!

      For this class you will need: yoga mat, light weights (or water bottles), Pilates ball (or any medium-sized ball or pillow), band or a towel

    • Play Like a Kid Again

      Play Like a Kid Again

      Why don’t kids go to the gym? It’s because they naturally get all of their cardio & resistance exercise during play! Let’s take a lesson from our kiddos and move in fun, silly ways that will burn calories and break a sweat, all while laughing the whole time! Join our tag team of Evan and Anne-Margaret and if you have a kid (or adult) of any age at home, grab them too! 

    • Pound Drumming

      Pound Drumming Workout with Lorraine

      Pound Drumming

      Rockout Your Workout! YOU become the music in this exhilarating full-body workout that combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and Pilates-inspired movements. POUND transforms drumming into an incredibly effective way to rockout your workout! This class is designed for all fitness levels, ages & abilities.

      Recommended Equipment: Ripstix, drumsticks or any 2 batons, wooden spoons or spatulas

    • Sound Bowl

      Self-Massage and Sound Bowl with Carla

      Sound Bowl

      Start your month with a deep breath and a calm mind with Carla Fountain. Sound bowl therapy utilizes crystal quartz bowls to create tones and pitch that have been shown to enhance feelings of calm and help guide you into a deeper state of meditation and well-being. Sit or lay in a comfortable space and let the sounds lead your relaxation. We recommend having a quiet space along with props, such as large pillows or bolsters, blankets and eye masks. These are not mandatory but may be helpful to keep you relaxed and comfortable.

    • Yoga PoseYoga | Flow

      Yoga Flow with Brandee Aquino

      Virtual Yoga

      It’s time for a mid-month, mid-week flow & stretch with Brandee Aquino! This gentle yoga flow is great for any level of yoga experience, from beginners to experts. Within our yoga classes we will unify mind-body awareness through gentle postures and breathing techniques on the mat to promote flexibility, core strength and a peaceful state of mind. You will need a yoga mat. Yoga blocks are not necessary but may be helpful.

    • Yoga PoseYoga | Hatha

      Hatha Yoga with Sarah


      Hatha Yoga is the polar opposite of a Vinyasa Flow. Where Vinyasa focuses on consistent movement, Hatha prioritizes deep, static holds. Sara will guide you through a series of poses that you hold and breathe into in order to feel a more restorative stretch and achieve a deeper sense of calm.

    • Yoga PoseYoga | Fit

      Fit Yoga with Sky

      Yoga can be restorative AND a workout! Sky will guide you through a flow that will get your heart pumping and use resistance movements to build strength in core and the entire body! Lay out your mat in an area with some space and have a set of hand weights or water bottles. Towel and yoga blocks optional.

    • Yoga PoseYoga | Grounding

      Grounding Yoga for Stress & Anxiety
      with Jenny

      May is Mental Health Month. This month we focus not on how to eliminate stress, but how to manage it. Yoga & breathwork are strategies to calm the mind, normalize blood pressure and stimulate serotonin. This flow is for all levels of yogis so grab your mat (and blocks if you want!) and get ready for a grounding practice you can repeat any time you need a mental health boost.

Disclaimer: Check with your doctor before beginning a new exercise program. By participating in these classes, you are participating at your own risk. Mt. SAC is not liable for any injuries or illness related to your participation.