Club Reactivation Process

1.     Refer to the Club website to see a list of clubs that are active/inactive.  You may reactivate any inactive club.
2.     You must have five students that are eligible to serve as club officers.  Eligibility includes:
  • Enrolled in 5 or more Mt. SAC graded units
  • Have a Mt. SAC Cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • Maintain a minimum 2.0 semester GPA
  • Have paid the current Student Activities Fee
  • Serve as an officer no more than a total of four semesters (Fall and Winter are combined as one term)
  • Officers may only serve in one position at a time
3.     Find a full-time permanent Mt. SAC Employee to serve as your advisor
4.     Have your prospective advisor contact the ICC Advisor to gain online access to activate a club
5.    Update club constitution and submit to the ICC Advisor for review and approval