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COVID-19 NOTICE: To take classes ON CAMPUS this upcoming Winter 2022 term, vaccinations will be required. Fully online students are exempt from this requirement. Learn about the December 10 deadline for the first dose, exemptions and more in your Mt. SAC email or


Sociology Department 

Sociology introduces students to the scientific study of human relations and social structures which emphasizes the interaction between personality, culture and society.  Few fields have such a broad scope and relevance.  Sociology majors will explore topics like: racial groups, social class, gender roles, law, policy, human trafficking, violence, social movements, global inequalities, human rights, pop culture, social norms, deviance, mate selection, sexuality, and family dynamics.  

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Student Outreach Leadership

The Student Outreach Leadership Program recognizes and gives credit to students who are assuming a leadership role in the formation and implementation of community service projects. The students learn leadership skills by attending leadership training sessions or a leadership retreat. The goals include exposing students to community service activities and involvement and having students apply sociological theories and concepts to their volunteer experience. This program is designed to give students a chance to work together in groups to assess needs in the community and to create, plan, and execute community service events that benefit organizations and projects in which they are interested.

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Culture Shock Club

This club was thought up by Sociology students and their professor during a SOC 20H (Race & Ethnic Relations class). It was originated to learn about and appreciate different cultures. The motto is “Unity in Diversity.” Students in this club also are dedicated to community service and volunteer at various events during the year. Students also engage in community service projects such as clothing drives, food drives, and raising money for various organizations. Contact Linda Rillorta for more information.

Culture Shock's Final Fall 2021⁠ Meeting will take place Wednesday, December 1st at 1:15-2:15 PM PST 

  • Zoom Meeting ID: 958 2974 4735
  • Password: Fall2021
  • Don't use the Zoom App? Dial In: (669) 900 6833
  • Upcoming Spring 2022 meeting dates: March 16th, April 20th, May 18th, & June 1st.

Note: To request reasonable disability related accommodations, please contact Professor Gatillon or Professor Hernandez at least five business days in advance prior to the meeting.


Sociology Transfer Scholarship

The Mt. SAC Sociology Transfer Scholarship is being offered for Sociology students who are planning to matriculate to a four year college or university to continue studying Sociology. Interested students should contact Linda Rillorta.
Students must have taken at least three Sociology classes at Mt. SAC and earned a 3.0 minimum GPA. Sociology classes you are currently taking count towards the required amount.
Students must plan to continue studying Sociology at the upper division level as a major or a minor.
Students must be transferring to a four year college or university.
Students must have maintained an overall GPA of 3.0 at Mt. SAC.

Our Professors

  • Dr. Linda Rillorta
  • Marlene Gallarde, M.A.
    Department Co-Chair/Professor
  • Dr. Mica Stewart


  • Susana Cevallos, M.A. 
  • Karla Hernandez, M.A. 
    Department Co-Chair/Professor
  • Jean-Pierre Gatillon, M.A. 


Sociology Department 

Email for availability 
Building 26B-2551M
(909) 274-7500, ext. 3054 & 3935
Marlene Gallarde & Karla Hernandez