Sociology UC Pathway

Sociology, one of the UC system's top majors, is offering a new Transfer Pathway: a single set of courses students can take to prepare for admission to any the nine UC undergraduate campuses.

Taking the following courses will prepare you to major in sociology at any UC campus.
  • SOC 1 or SOC 1H: Introduction to sociology
  • SOC 2 or SOC 2H: Contemporary Social Problems
  • SOC 25: Introduction to statistics for sociology majors
  • SOC 12: Introduction to research methods in the social sciences
These Mt SAC courses are transferrable for unit credit at all UC campus in IGETC area 4J and UC area UC-B:
  • SOC 1 OR SOC 1H
  • SOC 2 OR SOC 2H
  • SOC 4
  • SOC 5 OR SOC 5H
  • SOC 7
  • SOC 14 OR SOC 14H
  • SOC 15
  • SOC 20
  • SOC 20H

*Use to ensure that your courses are accepted by each campus as part of major preparation.

Where Can I Go? The UC Sociology pathway applies to the degree programs listed below.

More may be added in the year ahead.
  • Sociology, A.B. at Davis
  • Sociology, B.A. at Berkeley
  • Sociology, B.A. at Irvine
  • Sociology, B.A. at Los Angeles
  • Sociology, B.A. at Merced
  • Sociology, B.A. and B.S. at Riverside
  • Sociology, B.A. at San Diego
  • Sociology, B.A. at Santa Barbara
  • Sociology, B.A. at Santa Cruz