WATCH: Guide for Students Returning to Campus

Temperature check station

August 18, 2020 - 03:54 PM

With the Fall semester about to begin on August 24, Mt. SAC is prepared to offer thousands of online classes. However,  a limited number of those require some form of hands–on training in essential fields, and the college has prepared a safety plan to hold those classes and/or labs on campus.

“Each class that is returning to campus is required to have a Classroom specific safety plan,” explained Director of Safety and  Risk Management, Duetta Langevin, “that encompasses guidelines and procedures to outline activities inside the classroom and then how social distancing, disinfecting and what personal protective equipment is necessary to maintain safety.”

The following video shows the safety steps that instructors will take each day they hold a class on campus.  

 A detailed breakdown of all safety guidelines can be found on the Mt. SAC COVID-19 Website

social distancing in effect in classroomThe classes that will have an on-campus component are generally in programs that provide qualified individuals for essential services, such as nursing, first responders etc.

“Classes that were selected were defined as “essential workers”, based upon the LA County Dept of Health guidelines,” said Langevin. “This to ensure that the campus environment was prepared for the safety of students and staff. The majority of the classes that are returning to campus are labs for skills that cannot be taught online.  The labs are important to the students to be able to progress through their certifications and complete their education degree.” 

All new safety signage was developed by the Marketing Department and will be visible across campus.

New safety posters

A classroom with COVID rerstrictions in eeffectHowever, outside of these classes, and a few select student services events like laptop loans and food pantries, do not expect to see anything held on campus for awhile. All athletics, for instance, continue to be on hold. For all students of Mt. SAC, they may still reach all student resources including tutoring, student services, the library etc. online. Almost the entire campus was taken online in March with most employees working from home to continue to provide students the services that were available prior to the pandemic. A full list of these resources are collected at: