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Task Force Developing Campus Vaccination Clinics

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January 21, 2021 - 11:04 AM

nurse gives vaccineThrough close collaboration with public health officials, Mt. SAC is evaluating the possibility of providing vaccinations to college. A Mt. SAC Return to Campus subgroup is planning for future vaccination clinics on campus. The team will follow Los Angeles County Public Health COVID-19 vaccination guidelines. Details will be provided as soon as possible.

nurse gives vaccineVaccines are rolling out in tiers in Los Angeles County, with the first batch of vaccines being available to long-term care facility residents and medical workers, including Mt. SAC’s medical workers. Education employees, which includes employees at Mt. SAC, are a part of Phase 1B Tier One. While some California counties are already vaccinating education employees, Los Angeles County public health officials anticipate the timeline to be closer to early February. Officials are estimating the general population will have vaccines available sometime this Spring.

nurse gives vaccineEmployees are encouraged to learn more about the Man getting a shotvaccines by visiting the California Public Health COVID-19 Vaccines web site. The vaccines require two doses and are 94-95% effective in keeping a person from becoming ill with COVID-19 and spreading it to others. After receiving the vaccine, some people may have a sore arm, aches, fatigue or fever, but public health officials emphasize these are not harmful. That being said, vaccinated individuals can still spread COVID-19, so they are still expected to wear masks, social distance, and practice healthy habits.