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Parking: What You Need to Know

Parking at Mt. SAC

August 23, 2019 - 12:49 AM

With Fall Semester starting Aug. 26, Mt. SAC’s Department of Police and Public Safety is reminding the campus community to be prepared when coming back to school.

Parking lot sign“The first few weeks of the semester at any college or university are always extra busy with students adding/dropping classes and faculty launching the term,” said Chief of Police and Public Safety Michael Williams. “Arriving early will greatly reduce stress levels for students and staff. That means students should be on campus at least an hour before their classes begin and be prepared to park in more distant lots like F, M or S.”


Chief Williams recommends Lot M, where there is ample student parking and a shuttle to the main campus. Lot M is located south of Temple Ave., east of Mt. SAC Way.  

The shuttle service from Lot M runs Monday through Thursday

Week 1 and 2:      Monday – Thursday:   7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Week 3 and onward:  Monday – Thursday:   7:30 a.m. – 3:30p.m.

Subject to change based on necessity

CHANGES TO LOT ALot A rennovation

At this time, Parking Lot A is no longer split between a pay-by-the-day lot and a student lot. Following the lot renovations over the Summer, students with a permit may now park in the areas marked ‘Student Parking’. Staff Parking is reserved for staff.


During the first two weeks of the Fall and Spring semesters (and during the first week of the Summer and Winter Intersessions), a student parking permit is not required in the student lots. Starting Sept. 9, 2019, current student parking permits are required in student lots. Violators will be issued a parking citation

Mt. SAC parkingStaff parking spaces require a staff parking permit. In addition, metered parking spaces require payment at the time of use. Violations of either of these spaces will result in a parking citation.


Students can purchase a parking permit online on the Mt. SAC Student Portal ( After logging in, students can click on the Student tab, and then choose #31 Purchase a Parking Permit. Students may print a temporary parking permit from their student portal until the permanent one arrives.

Temporary parking permits are only good for 10 days. If you do not receive your permanent student parking permit by the time your temporary parking permit expires, you need to contact the Cashier's Office in Building 4 (Administration), lower level.

STUDENT BUS PASSFoothiil Transit bus

Students can also avoid parking in general by using the bus pass program, called the Class Pass. Students are entitled to a bus pass from Foothill Transit providing bus rides 24/7 on any Foothill Transit line. 

Student bus passes are included in student fees and can be picked up from the Sac Book Rac the first week of school.