PHOTO EPIC: Mt. SAC Welcomes Its New Students

Students smile for the camera

August 15, 2023 - 09:45 AM

Students are greeted into the eventWith just a few weeks before Fall 2023 begins, Student Life hosted the New Student Welcome at the new Student Center. The campus' premier large event facility was packed for the first time with college students eager to find out what was in store for them at Mt. SAC. Students walk into the Student Center

Students given a tour outside of Student Center

Fun and games began the day as students assembled in the Summit Events Center.Staff play game with studentsStudents play a game

The Summit Events Center comprises most of the third floor of the building. The convention center- like ballroom will host most of Mt. SAC's largest events moving forward. Students smile for the camera

Students  smile at table

Students  smile at table

Dr. Garcia poses with studentsThese students were amongst the first to see and hear from (also) new President/CEO, Dr. Martha Garcia.

Not even Mt. SAC's tenth president  is above getting photobombed when the cameras come out.Dr. Garcia talks with students

Dr. Garcia is the first female President the college has had in five decades, and the very first person of color to hold the position.  

Dr. Garcia speaks to the new students

Also brand new to Mt. SAC is Vice President of Student Services, Dr. Melba Castro. Dr. Castro takes over the three dozen services that are offered to students at Mt. SAC.Dr. Melba Castro

A couple of your student leaders here. César Tlatoāni is the new Student Trustee (L) and the new Associated Students President is Dani Silva (R). Both spoke and encouraged students to get involved on campus and talked of the many ways to do so.César Tlatoāni (left) and Dani Silva (right) 

Student Ambassadors take a selfie


Any idea what was next on the agenda?Student Ambassadors hold their "Campus Tours" signs

Student ambassador leads a tourYou got it. Student Ambassadors took the new students to the four corners of the campus (more or less - Mt. SAC is is pretty vast). 


Our camera mainly stuck with tour groups while they showed off the new Student Center, because...New student tour group in Student Center

Students tour Student Center

Students come down the escalatorWell... because it's new! Most people haven't had a chance to see it. However, summer students have been using it. 


The new students were having a pretty good time seeing the sights within the Student Center.
Students laughing

Two students smile for camera

Students walk on tour of Student Center

The Student Center will house the student government, student clubs, various student services, meeting areas, rooms to reserve, as well as a restaurant and convenience store. Students walk out of Center at the cafe.

Students walk on tourWhile on the tour, new students got to take a break and "Meet-a-Professor". A member of Mt. SAC faculty told these students what to expect in college classes and how it may differ greatly from their high school experience. Students listen to a professor

A resource fair ended the day outdoors, on the balcony of the third floor of the Student Center.The study abroad program is explained to studentsTwo students smile

Bridge staff explains how their program worksMost student and academic services had information tables to let students know all the support available to them.Students seek infomration at resource fair.

The students enjoyed themselves. They seemed happy to have the opportunity to get to know the campus. It is good to know how a campus as large as Mt. SAC works before your first day of classes. Two students smile

Two students smile

Three new students smile

On August 28, these students will join with thousands more new students, and tens of thousands of returning students for the Fall 2023 semester.  Students tour campus