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PHOTO EPIC: Meet Mt. SAC’s Newest (and Cutest) Residents

Two new foals

March 30, 2022 - 04:53 PM

Two new foalsThe Equine Center has welcomed two new foals to its stable of horses. The births, three weeks apart, begin to fulfill a long-range goal for the equine center to breed horses for sale to offset the costs of the center.

Smarty (L) and Reba (R)The two Mt. SAC mares, Reba and Smarty, were bred with the UC Davis stallion “The Only Escape” last year. 

Horses are used by Mt. SAC’s Veterinary Technology and Ranch Management programs.

Reba and her babyOn March 5 at 11:25 p.m., Reba gave birth to a colt. Reba and her baby are doing great and the yet-to-be-named colt is getting bigger and stronger every day.


Mom is showing her baby the ropes. 

Reba and her baby

Reba's baby

And the colt is quite strong and healthy. 

Foals can grow fast and will soon become quite spirited.


A pregnant Smarty


And right across the barn, on Sunday, March 28 at 10:10 p.m., a quite pregnant Smarty finally decided to deliver her foal. 

Dutton sleeps


This beautiful little colt has already been named Dutton, after his coloring, which in the equine world is known as a dun color. Wikipedia has an entire entry on the dun gene that gives this color.

Bruce Smith with DuttonDutton initially had some trouble standing up, which foals need to do in order to feed. A veterinarian was consulted, and Dutton was taken to the Chino Valley Equine, where the doctor advised assisting Dutton until he gains his legs.

But almost immediately after getting some of his mother’s milk, he showed signs of improvement and can easily nurse on his own now. 

Dutton nurses

Smarty and DuttonIn a couple of weeks, the two youngsters will be playing together in a day pen, but for now, both mothers will watch over their colts in their respective stables.

Reba and her baby

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